Do you work for UPS and FedEx?

No. Mindful Logistics works directly for our clients and is in no way affiliated with UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS.

Why would I hire you when I can negotiate on my own?

You absolutely can negotiate on your own but, having an advocate will benefit you in multiple ways.  Our experience working for UPS for almost 12 years, affords us insider knowledge of the pricing game and the techniques the carriers use to their advantage.  Companies leave 15-30% average on the table when negotiating on their own.

We charge for shipping, so why do we need better shipping rates?

Research indicates that reduced shipping rates could help your sales.  Large weekly savings can allow you to reinvest back into other areas of your company as well. Reduced costs=more profit.

Our UPS/Fed Ex Representative says that they will not work with a company using a 3rd party negotiator?

This is not accurate.  UPS works with 3rd parties in all other aspects of their business-Freight, Supply Chain etc. UPS and FedEx do not want you to be knowledgeable of how their pricing works.  They want to hold on to their annual general rate increase as well as provide below market rates which makes them more profitable.

My UPS or FedEx sales representative told me you take 50% of the savings?

Mindful Logistics works off a percent of the rate gain share and our percentage is commensurate with the amount of effort that is involved with each individual client. It varies depending on client need.

Do you pay our weekly invoices with UPS or FedEx?

No, you will pay as you have been doing. UPS or FedEx will continue to invoice you per your agreed upon billing terms and your payment is due to them.

How do we know how much we are saving by using your services?

Mindful Logistics provides our clients with a weekly Progress Report that details the savings we help you obtain. This report is specific down to the penny for each service level we negotiate for your business.

Will we have to switch carriers?

No. Our job is to help you obtain the best possible rate agreement with the carriers and we will evaluate the pros and cons of each carrier proposal. At the end of the day you choose the carrier that is the best fit for your company.

My UPS or FedEx sales representative says we already have the best rates possible?

This may be the case but, it is not very likely.  Mindful Logistics offers a Free Analysis to determine if there are additional savings for your company. There is no commitment with the Free Analysis. If Mindful Logistics cannot obtain additional savings, we let you know. After analysis, 9 out of 10 times we find savings. We typically see companies overpaying UPS or FedEx between 15-30%.

We do not have the time to invest in this and is it worth it?

Mindful Logistics works side by side with you during this process. We know your time is valuable and negotiating a new rate agreement can be time consuming. Mindful Logistics will do 95% of the work. Not only do we save you money but, your valuable time as well.