UPS and FedEx Small Parcel Audit Recovery

Billing errors can and often do occur on UPS and FedEx invoices.  For example, a commercial package is marked in error as residential, a created label was never shipped, or a package was delivered late. You are entitled to refunds for all these errors and more.  Most companies do not submit for these refunds with UPS and FedEx because it takes time and resources to follow up on each package shipped.  Therefore, costing companies a lot of money that is due back to them.

Mindful Logistics Audit Recovery Service will save you valuable time and money. Our non-intrusive software will do all of the work for you to identify the billing errors and obtain refunds on your behalf. Most of our clients receive a 3-5% return with the audit service.

Audit Recovery

UPS and FedEx Optimization Tool

The Mindful Logistics Optimization Tool is at your finger tips any time you need information regarding your shipping details. This includes average shipment weight and cost and what service levels you use most. Having this information available can make life easier and can help you gain a better understanding of your supply chain to get a leg up on your competition. Our Optimization Tool makes everything clear and accessible on demand.

Mindful Logistics Optimization Tool allows you to evaluate additional areas in which to save money for your business. The tool will analyze your shipping patterns and identify appropriate services for your business. Frequently, our clients are utilizing inappropriate service levels and wasting thousands of dollars annually. This tool can save you money as well as make your company even more efficient and profitable.

Optimization Tool